Wedding Vendor Advertising with BVO wedding magazine.

Bridal Vendors Online (a.k.a The BVO) is an online wedding magazine in Sri Lanka. The team at BVO can provide a strong online advertising platform for your Wedding Services. We specialize in wedding vendor advertising as an online listing, creating a one-stop-place in the Internet to help people who are searching for the right wedding vendors and suppliers to cater their wedding needs and wedding plans.

Available advertising plans and prices for the period 2022 - 2024:

BVO Services


12 months

12 months

A page


Limited to page

Mini Banner Ads

Main Banner Ads

Business contact details

Social Media Links

Display main Business Location on map 

Branch Details

Enquiry / Contact Form

Image Gallery


Video Gallery

SEO friendly Content

Page performance Statistics

Why advertise with BVO?

The team at BVO is not just publishers providing online listings for your wedding services. We provide a web page for your advertisement with the following features:

  • A prominent main banner and mini banner for your business page.
  • A detailed business contact point including
    • contact names
    • addresses
    • telephone numbers
    • email addresses
    • other referencing websites
    • social media links
  • A simple enquiry/contact form to drop an email.
  • A detailed description of your business.(SEO friendly)
  • A pin on google maps indicating the location of your business.
  • An image gallery of your work.
  • A video gallery of your work.

Start Advertising with

To get your business or wedding services known in the world of Internet, the team at BVO would like to take this opportunity to invite you to advertise your business with

Please Contact Us through or call +94 (0)766 52 43 41 to get in touch.

Benefits of advertising with Bridal Vendors Online:

  • An online advertisement will be working round the clock for 24 hours / all 7 days.
  • Opportunity for your business to reach local and international audience without geographical boundaries.
  • Your advertisement will be a SEO friendly web page that can be indexed by all web search engines.
  • Your advertisement page will be responsive to all devices and their screen sizes.
  • There is no limit to the information you are willing to display on your advertisement.

Statistical information of your advertisement page:

The BVO advertising pages can be monitored for its performance every month based on the number of direct views made on the advertisements, general views made on the advertisements and the number of enquiries made through the contact form on the advertising page. All these information will be summarized into a line graph making it easy for you to read and understand the results.

Please Contact Us through or call +94 (0)766 52 43 41 to get in touch.